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Building Belonging Student Flash Talk Event & Celebration

May 25, 2022 @ 3:00 pm 5:00 pm

UC Santa Cruz Merrill Cultural Center 

The Institute for Social Transformation is excited to host an end-of-year celebration and student flash talk event to honor the work that has been accomplished in the Building Belonging program. Students who have been involved in the program in 2021-2022 will present their contributions to research projects. The event will take place in person, at the UCSC Merrill Cultural Center.

This event will provide Building Belonging Fellows an opportunity to share their research with the community. All are welcome to attend including students, faculty, staff, family and friends. Light refreshments will be provided.

Sponsored by: The Institute for Social Transformation and the Division of Social Sciences

Student Presentations


Recovering the Indigenous and Colonial History of Oak Trees on the UCSC Campus  
Carmela Cenizeros (Anthropology)
Kahena Wilhite (Anthropology)    
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Mathews, Anthropology Department

Chimpanzee Video Coding Team    
Kayla Ott (Anthropology/Environmental Studies)    
Anthony Estrella (Psychology/Anthropology)    
Faculty Mentor: Vicky Oelze, Anthropology Department

Can Soil Scraping Help Improve Native Annual Wildflower Establishment?
Janine Tan (Plant Sciences)
Jennifer Valadez (Environmental Sciences)    
Faculty Mentor: Karen Holl, Environmental Studies Department

The Impacts of COVID-19 on U.S. Small Businesses 
Julian Barragan (Environmental Studies/Economics)    
Faculty Mentor: Robert Fairlie, Economics Department

Community Health Workers and the Mitigation of Misinformation about COVID
Edwina Malmberg (Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Matt Sparke, Politics Department

Bodies of Evidence: Legibility, Medical Uncertainty, and the Knowledge Problem of ‘Rape Kits’
Valerie Garcia (Sociology)
Juli Sofijski (Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Jamie Morse, Sociology Department


Building Research Capacity in Global Environmental Justice    
Alcides Fuentes (Environmental Studies)    
Caitlin Schlit (Environmental Studies)    
Faculty Mentor: Ravi Rajan, Environmental Studies Department

“You Gotta Keep Pushing”: How Immigrant People Regain Ontological Security and Withstand Colonial Trauma
Mitzy Acevedo (Psychology)
Jennifer Aimee Martinez (Sociology/Education, Democracy, and Justice/LALS)
Cristina Gonzales (Psychology/Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Regina Langhout, Psychology Department

We Belong: Collaboration for Community-Engaged Research and Immigrant Justice    
Marlene Nava (Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Steve McKay, Sociology Department

Indigeneity in the Constitution: Struggles for Ethnic Autonomy in Latin America
Dylan Waste (Politics)    
Faculty Mentor: Kent Eaton, Politics Department

Simulating Conversations    
Hananiel Suradji (Cognitive Science)    
Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Yamashiro, Psychology Department

Continuing Hybrid Out-of-School Activities Post-Pandemic: A Partnership with Salud y Cariño
Yaneli Calderon (Sociology/LALS)
Lizeth Bautista Amaro (Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca London, Sociology Department


Mistakes: A Friend or Foe of Learning?    
Mariah Ryan (Cognitive Science)
Siobhan Moher (Psychology)    
Faculty Mentor: Hannah Hausman, Psychology Department

Own-Race Bias in Face-Name Learning of Historical Figures
Kaylee Baker (Psychology)    
Faculty Mentor: Hannah Hausman, Psychology Department

We Belong Mapping Advocacy (Focus Groups)    
Tara Mcateer (Anthropology/Legal Studies)
Abigail Eduardo Espinosa (Psychology/Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Leslie Lopez, Community Studies Department

Whiteness and International Academic Mobility: The Impact of Living and Studying Abroad on the Racial Identity and Network Capital of White Brazilians
Alma Munguia-Galvan (LALS/Legal Studies)
Faculty Mentor: Patricia Pinho, Latin American and Latino Studies Department

Identifying Critical Environmental Work and Needs on Campus    
Serena Campbell (Sociology/Critical Race and Ethnic Studies)    
Faculty Mentor: Hillary Angelo, Sociology Department

Into the Depths: Examining the Deep-History of Fishing    
Evelin Aquino Cruz (Anthropology)
Lauren Castaneda Molina (Anthropology)    
Faculty Mentor: Eréndira Quintana Morales, Anthropology Department

Insect Diversity and Ecosystem Services in Urban Agroecosystems    
Lauren (Louie) Dunn (Psychology)
Taemon Omololu (Environmental Studies)    
Faculty Mentor: Stacy Philpott, Environmental Studies Department


Climate Risk and FDI    
Dmitrius Rodriguez (Economics/Environmental Studies/Philosophy)
Axel Morales-Sanchez (Business Management Economics/ Mathematics)  
Faculty Mentor: Galina Hale, Economics Department

Unequal Loss: Social Impacts of COVID-19 Mortality in Latinx & Spanish-speaking Communities    
Eileen Amador (Legal Studies)
Robin Hernandez (Politics/Sociology)    
Faculty Mentor: Alicia Riley, Sociology Department

A Bibliography of Race and Health in Anthropology
Andrea Asher (Human Biology/Sociology)
Camryn Newburn (Anthropology)    
Faculty Mentor: James Doucet-Battle, Sociology Department

Colonial Disease Transfer and the Impact on Native South Americans    
Polette Garrido (Anthropology)    
Faculty Mentor: Lars Fehren-Schmitz, Anthropology Department

Understanding Attention and Language Comprehension    
Hassan Naeem (Cognitive Science)    
Lea Toledo (Cognitive Science)    
Faculty Mentor: Megan Boudewyn, Psychology Department

For more information, please contact the Institute for Social Transformation at UC Santa Cruz at transform@ucsc.edu.

We are excited to welcome people in person! Please note that UC Santa Cruz has COVID-19 guidelines for in-person events. When you arrive, you will be asked to provide proof of vaccination OR a recent negative COVID-19 test result taken within 72 hours of the start of the event (must be a lab PCR test; home tests/antigen tests are not valid). Guests are also required to wear masks and complete a symptom check form online the day you arrive on campus.