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Solidarity Economics: OUR Movement, OUR Economy

November 4, 2021 @ 4:00 pm 5:30 pm

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Join us for an event with prominent national policy advocates and social movement leaders in conversation with Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor on their forthcoming book Solidarity Economics: Why Mutuality and Movements Matter.

Solidarity Economics is an economic frame that recognizes that people are not just individuals, but also members of broader social groups and communities; that people are motivated not just by self-interest, but also by caring for others and a desire for belonging; and that we can and should build our economy not on an embrace of individuality and competition, but rather on a sense of the commons and our shared destiny.

This conversation delves deeply into the concept of Solidarity Economics, its meaning and how to enact change that is real in terms of policy and power. It also discusses how we can expand the notion of Solidarity Economics in our movements and how Solidarity Economics can provide a useful framework to change the narrative of OUR economy. For more information read this UCSC News article, Reimagining our economy for the benefit of all.

Featured Speakers

  • Chris Benner, Professor, Director of the Institute for Social Transformation at UC Santa Cruz
  • Manuel Pastor, Distinguished Professor, Director of the Equity Research Institute at the University of Southern California

Co-sponsored by

UCSC Institute for Social Transformation and USC Dornsife Equity Research Institute.

To pre-order your copy of the book visit Bookshop Santa Cruz or Polity Books

Solidarity Economics book cover

About the Book

Traditional economics is built on the assumption of self-interested individuals seeking to maximize personal gain. This is far from the whole story, however: sharing, caring and a desire to uphold the collective good are also powerful individual motives. In a world wracked by inequality, social divisions, and ecological destruction, can we build an alternative economics based on our mutual co-operation?

In this book Chris Benner and Manuel Pastor invite us to imagine and create a new sort of solidarity economics – an approach grounded in our instincts for connection and community – and in so doing, actually build a more robust, sustainable, and equitable economy. They argue that our current economy is already deeply dependent on mutuality, but that the inequality and fragmentation created by the status quo undermines this mutuality and with it our economic wellbeing. They outline the theoretical framing, policy agenda, and social movements we need to revive solidarity and apply it to whole societies.

Solidarity Economics is an essential read for anyone who longs for an economy that can generate prosperity, provide for all, and preserve the planet.

Learn more at solidarityeconomics.org


November 4, 2021
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm